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Exploring Trends and Issues of Interest to the Counseling Profession

ACA commissions research and develops reports on topics that advance the counseling profession and shed light on topics of interest to the counseling community. Explore the resources and information related to these initiatives.

Counseling Workforce Survey

Since the last ACA Counseling Workforce Study in 2014, professional counselors have seen the industry grow by about 36%; however, wages have not kept pace with this post-pandemic growth, and student loans are burdening those entering the field. Learn more about the results. 

Artificial Intelligence in Counseling

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly influencing the counseling profession. While it presents new opportunities for client management & operational logistics, it also necessitates consideration of its clinical & ethical implications in the evolving landscape of counseling.

Counselor Medicare Usage Survey

In a nationwide survey of licensed professional counselors, the American Counseling Association found that up to 115,000 counselors are likely to seek enrollment as Medicare providers — saving the program millions annually — if Congress passes the Mental Health Access Improvement Act.