Strategic Initiatives Infographic_FINAL

*Our cross-cutting principles represent core values that are present at all points of the strategic plan execution.

Strategic Initiatives

ACA guides counselors in advocating for the mental health and well-being of their communities and clients, as well as the profession.
ACA nurtures the counseling community and mutually beneficial partnerships to advance the profession and expand its footprint.
ACA provides broad-reaching education for counselors across their career trajectory. ACA amplifies counseling as a viable path to wellness and delineates counselor identity and counseling’s position in the mental health field.
ACA curates and disseminates rigorous, innovative research and scholarly activity to continually advance data-informed practice.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission


How we as leadership, staff and our membership community will create that future

Advancing mental health and well-being through advocacy, community, inclusion and research.

Our Mission


The inspirational future we wish to see, as defined by our unique contribution as an organization

We are the preeminent advocate and resource for professional counselors and their clients in a world where everyone has access to mental health services.