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New Web Page Addresses Accreditation and Licensure Portability

ACA has launched a new information page related to accreditation and licensure portability. There are a number of resources on the site, including a link to a new podcast. We have also expanded ways for you to connect with professional staff should you have any questions.

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    Statement about relocating 2017 Conference, myths vs. facts regarding HB 1840, press coverage, and more.
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    Members: Download your monthly ACA Member Toolkit for important announcements/reminders, links to our latest learning opportunities, job leads, and much more. Please note that the FREE CE of the Month is only available through the end of the month in which the Toolkit runs. 
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  • Message from ACA CEO Richard Yep Regarding Tennessee HB 1840/SB 1556

    With Governor Bill Haslam’s signature this week, Tennessee became the latest state to sign into law discriminatory “religious freedom” legislation targeting the LGBTQ community. Tennessee’s HB 1840/SB 1556 permits counselors to deny services and refer clients based on the provider’s “strongly held beliefs.”
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  • podcasticon

    Free Podcast - Values & Ethics in Counseling

    Dana Heller Levitt and Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead provide an overview of the ethical code and how counselors need to address their personal values in the counseling relationship. Case examples and practice guidance is offered throughout this conversation.  Listen
  • Counseling Today

    Counseling Today: Stepping across the poverty line

    Poverty affects the mental health and overall well-being of millions of Americans, and that reality should, advocates say, make the provision of counseling services to this population a priority, not a luxury. More
  • JCD: Does the ACA Code of Ethics trump discriminatory institutional policies?

    Three featured articles discuss the ethical issues raised by the practice of accrediting counseling programs at colleges and universities that use statements in their Codes of Conduct that are non-affirming of LGBT individuals. However, all accredited counseling programs prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Hear both sides of the conversation. More
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    "Counseling Corner" columns help educate the public about counseling issues, counselors, and the counseling profession. Read all columns to date, and learn how you can use them to promote counseling. More

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Did you know you can interview a counselor before you start using them? Call and chat with a counselor to see if they are the right one for you.
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    Jul 19, 2016
    I recently attended a week long seminar on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) by George Faller, LMFT in Cape Cod, MA. EFT is usually a short term (8-20 sessions), structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the 1980’s and has developed alongside the science on adult attachment and bonding to expand our understanding about what is happening in couple relationships and to guide therapists ( I was blown away by the paradoxical approach in simplicity of the EFT technique but also the intensity of its application and the emotional vulnerability it calls upon for a therapist to authentically engage in the EFT practice.
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    Jul 19, 2016
    As a counselor working with college students, the end of the spring semester is bitter-sweet. Graduation, new jobs and summer vacations may result in ending therapy or taking a break from sessions for a while. When students I work with go home for summer, I know they might be facing family stressors, a lot of down-time, and disconnection from social networks developed on-campus. Students with a mental health concern can benefit from a summer care plan.
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  • The Challenges of Veteran Mental Health: Beyond PTSD and TBI

    Jul 18, 2016
    The mental health and wellness of those who have served in the military is of critical importance to the veteran, their family, and the community in which they live. There has been much discussion in many circles…the media, academia, the professional community…about the impact of combat, traumatic exposure, and military service on the psyche of the military veteran.
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ACA Publications

  • ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, Seventh Edition

    ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, Seventh Edition

    Barbara Herlihy and Gerald Corey
    The seventh edition of this top-selling text provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and applying its principles to daily practice.... Learn More
  • A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders and Addiction Counseling, Second Edition

    A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders and Addiction Counseling, Second Edition

    Ford Brooks and Bill McHenry
    Written as an introduction to the field of addiction counseling, this text covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to counsel people who are struggling with addiction.... Learn More
  • Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths, Fourth Edition

    Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths, Fourth Edition

    Norman C. Gysbers, Mary J. Heppner, and Joseph A. Johnston
    The latest edition of this bestseller presents a holistic, strengths-based, and theoretically sound model of career development and the career counseling process.... Learn More
  • A Counselor's Guide to Working With Men

    A Counselor's Guide to Working With Men

    edited by Matt Englar-Carlson, Marcheta P. Evans, and Thelma Duffey
    Focusing on the unique opportunities and challenges associated with counseling men, this book examines a variety of critical issues pertaining to the psychology of men and masculinity and presents successful, evidence-based strategies for treatment.... Learn More