Mastering Your Craft: The Role of Continuing Education in Professional Development

Access a wide range of online courses designed to help mental health professionals earn continuing education credits. Stay informed while enhancing your knowledge and skills with tailored courses for mental health professionals.
May Free CE of the Month

May Free CE of the Month

Reporting to Third Parties: Risk Recommendations

Counselors who register for this CE will learn to identify the exceptions to maintaining client confidentiality and understand what they need to know to protect themselves when reporting to third parties. Counselors will also learn how to report to third parties while prioritizing their client’s welfare.


May Paid CE

Artificial Intelligence Bundle

This bundle presents insight into navigating the fine balance between technological advancement and maintaining ethical standards essential for safeguarding the well-being of clients. Discussion is presented on how AI regulation may prevent harm yet curtail advancements if taken too far. AI regulation is at the intersection of counseling practice, advocacy, and ethics. Attendees will leave with a nuanced understanding of AI integration and ethical practices in the ever-evolving landscape of counseling.


Ways to Receive Continuing Education Credit

Professional Development Center

Earn continuing education credit by taking advantage of ACA's online professional development programming. Here you can access innovative educational content created for the counseling profession. Learn in a variety of formats such as video-based courses, education sessions, and webinars; as well as text-based book chapters and journal articles.

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ACA Conference & Expo

When you attend our flagship educational and professional development event, you'll have the opportunity to receive Continuing Education (CE) credit hours. Also as an attendee, you'll explore new strategies for self-care, advocate for the counseling care of tomorrow, and access the latest tools and resources to support your clients. Attend our conference and enjoy networking.

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Explore ACA Courses

On-Demand Webinars

Innovate and Adapt: Responding to Findings from the ACA 2024 Counseling Workforce Survey

Webinar: Counseling Workforce Survey

May 10, 2024

In this town hall-style webinar, we'll explore the results of the ACA 2024 Counseling Workforce Survey and discuss how we can use this data to move the profession forward. Join us to hear from research firm, McKinley Advisors, along with ACA members and leaders who will address findings from this comprehensive study


Live Webinar - What counselors should know about DSM-5-TR

Webinar: What Counselors Should Know About the DSM-5-TR?

March 28, 2024

Join us for this webinar to familiarize yourself with salient changes in the DSM-5-TR. We’ll walk you through the diagnostic changes and additions most likely to impact the work of counselors.


Live Counselor Self-Care Webinar

Webinar: Counselor Self-Care

March 7, 2024

In this live webinar, we’ll share and discuss useful and practical guides for encouraging counselors to reflect on how well they are taking care of themselves in all aspects of living.


Continuing Education Approval