Governing Council 2023

Supporting Professional Counselors at Every Stage, in Every Setting

Founded in 1952, ACA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession. We provide education, community and professional development opportunities for more than 58,000 members, including counselors in various practice settings and counselors in training.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission


The inspirational future we wish to see, as defined by our unique contribution as an organization

We are the preeminent advocate and resource for professional counselors and their clients in a world where everyone has access to mental health services. 

Our Mission


How we as leadership, staff and our membership community will create that future

Advancing mental health and well-being through advocacy, community, inclusion and research.

  • ACA has provided enriching educational experiences during my days as a grad student and has continued to do so throughout my life as a professional. The networking and developmental opportunities afforded are too numerous to list. 

    Everett Painter, PhD

Our Impact on Mental Health Counseling

We advocate for professional counselors, with a focus on advancing high impact initiatives — such as the Counseling Compact and the expansion of Medicare to include counseling services. We also provide professional development and continuing education aimed at increasing the quality of and access to counseling.  

Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Counseling Compact
Counseling Impact

Leadership & Governance

Our elected leaders represent the voice and diverse needs of the professional counseling community as they chart a course for the organization that focuses on raising the visibility of counselors and increasing opportunities for ACA members. Our dedicated staff works every day to uplift, advocate for and serve the counseling community while cultivating a sense of belonging for members and striving for organizational excellence.