2024 Workplace Survey Report

Professional counselors comprise the second largest segment of the mental health workforce, often providing a critical and accessible entry point for people and communities on their journey toward mental health and wellness. In the wake of the pandemic and its effects on our collective mental health, the demand for mental health services has never been greater. This is why ACA has commissioned the 2024 Counselor Workforce Survey.

More than 11,000 counselors shared their thoughts and concerns around pay inequalities, student loan debt, burnout, and new and emerging trends in counseling practice. The results provide insights into the current needs of the counseling workforce and the areas where the association can assist in providing resources, training and legislative advocacy to support the profession into the future.

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Stats, Facts & Industry Insights

Counselor compensation

The average salary for full-time respondents is about $71,000 and $51,000 for part-time respondents.

Student Loan Debt

Average student loan debt for counselors is a stark 113% higher
than the national average.

Future of Counseling

The U.S. behavioral health market is projected to grow by $49.3 billion in the next decade and is expected to reach $136 billion by 2032.


Live Webinar: Counseling Workforce Survey

In this town hall-style webinar, we'll explore the results of the ACA 2024 Counseling Workforce Survey and discuss how we can use this data to move the profession forward.


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