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         State Issues

The American Counseling Association is aware of the confusion our members have encountered regarding new developments in telehealth policy and guidance to jurisdictions. The information provided here seeks to assist the counseling community in communicating with those in your state who are able to assist in navigating telework policy and procedure based on state requirements.

Improving licensure portability is a top priority for ACA leadership and the government affairs team. ACA developed its own portability plan (below) and is working to arrive at the best approach for implementing portability in states across the country.

Licensure boards play a vital role in ensuring patient safety and validating counselor education and experience.  Counselors are licensed in every state.

Conversion or reparative therapy is the discredited practice of using "therapy" to attempt to change someone's sexual orientation.The American Counseling Association opposes conversion therapy because it does not work, can cause harm, and violates our Code of Ethics. It is an attempt to treat something that is not a mental illness. 

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