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ACA is dedicated to the growth and development of counselors and those whom they serve.

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In today's world, professional liability insurance is a must for any professional counselor. This insurance protects your assets and covers your expenses in the event of a malpractice suit. The plan is administered by Healthcare Providers Service Organization and underwritten by American Casualty Company of Reading, PA. It has earned the exclusive endorsement of ACA. In addition, the plan offers license protection coverage and 100% payment of covered legal expenses.

Professional Members:
Receive a 10% discount on a new or renewing policy with a HPSO liability insurance premium of $100 or more.

Liability insurance coverage is part of the ACA Master's level student's membership.

New Graduates:
Receive a 50% discount on their liability insurance premium through HPSO.


ACA plugs you in to the best information available on careers in counseling. Individual Career consults include: resume critiques, mock interviews, job search strategies, and much more!


ACA Divisions and Branches take your membership to the next level. They provide the best opportunity to stay connected with your colleagues working in your specific interest and practice areas, or gain access to other counselors in your own neighborhood.

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x ACA keeps you up-to-date and provides real world solutions to counseling issues through its publications.  
  • Electronic Journal of Counseling & Development- 24 hour access
  • Counseling Today, the magazine – 12 issues – CTonline-24 hour access
  • ACAeNews and special focus e-newsletters: ACAeNews for School Counselors, ACAeNews for Mental Health, Private Practice and Community Agency Counselors,  ACAeNews for Counselor Educators, ACAeNews for Counseling Students and New Professionals
x ACA is a voice for the Counseling Profession. When you join ACA, you become part of a powerful team that represents the entire counseling profession. From fighting for critical legislation on Capitol Hill to highlighting the success stories of counselors among the public and employers, ACA is leading the charge to ensure that you receive the respect and support you rightfully deserve as a professional counselor. ACA provides the latest information on legislation that directly affects you and those who you serve, as well as updates on funding and program support at the national and state levels, through our free ACA Government Relations listserv.

x ACA knows that counselors need to get the most bang for their bucks in today's economy. That's why we offer exclusive Members-Only discounts on the things you need most.