The American Counseling Association (ACA) designates April of each year as
Counseling Awareness Month (CAM), a time of advocacy for the profession and celebration
of the outstanding efforts of counselors in myriad settings as they
seek to facilitate the growth and development of all people.
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Get Involved and Spread the Word

Counseling Awareness Month is our favorite time of year and we hope it’s yours too! There are several ways you can get involved and help people learn more about CAM and the work of professional counselors. From participating in the CAM Day of Service to rocking our CAM merchandise, we can help shine a light on this profession and ensure that counselors all across the country can

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Join us for

Friday, April 8th is Teal Day! We encourage everyone to wear teal to support the nationwide effort to raise awareness of counselors and promote mental health during Counseling Awareness Month!
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Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners

This year, we have expanded our partnership with key organizations to amplify public attention to counseling and the role of counselors. Partners engage in the celebration of Counseling Awareness Month at multiple levels—and we are grateful for their support.