ACA Washington State

The American Counseling Association of Washington State

(ACA of Washington State)

What is ACA of Washington State?
ACA of Washington State is a not-for-profit grassroots organization that represents professional counselors and counseling students, of all specialty areas, who live or work in the state of Washington. As a chapter of the American Counseling Association, we extend the efforts of growing and enhancing the counseling profession at the state level.

ACA of Washington State board members are elected by members for one- and two-year terms. Typically, future board members express interest through member surveys, at events, and word of mouth from current board members. We always encourage and appreciate member input during nominations and elections. Eligible members are encouraged to take on leadership and leadership-elect positions and are supported in their leadership development. If you are interested in obtaining a leadership position, contact Maria Gonzalez, the ACA-WA lead/president.

What does ACA of Washington State do?
As a chapter of the American Counseling Association, ACA of Washington State's mission echos that of the American Counseling Association: "to enhance the quality of life in society by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity."

We support our mission through the following activities:

  • Providing free regional networking events for our members at least four times per year
  • Providing free Continuing Education (CE) opportunities for our members at least four times per year
  • Organizing grassroots legislative movements advocating for the counseling profession
  • Organizing events and developing public service announcements for increasing public awareness of the counseling profession

How can ACA of Washington State benefit me?
Members of ACA receive the benefits of ACA of Washington State for free! If you reside in the state of Washington and are a member of ACA you are automatically an ACA of Washington State member and pay no additional dues. As a member you have access to free interesting and unique events, CE's, networking opportunities, and assistance with learning about advocacy and helping to move the profession forward. ACA of Washington State offers members a wide range of leadership opportunities.