Counselor Self-Care 2nd Edition

Gerald Corey, Michelle Muratori, Jude T. Austin II and Julius A. Austin

Counselor Self-Care  2nd Edition
This highly anticipated second edition written for students, clinicians, educators, and supervisors offers practical perspectives on the lifelong quest for personal wellness. Through conversational and deeply personal narratives, the authors reveal their self-care journeys at different stages of their careers, and 39 guest contributors-ranging from graduate students to counseling veterans-share how they overcome setbacks and prioritize self-care to maintain competent, ethical practice.

Topics include practicing self-care throughout your career, strategies for managing stress, establishing personal and professional boundaries, enhancing relationships, finding meaning in life, and creating a realistic self-care plan. Firsthand accounts throughout the book have been updated, and new narratives have been added on self-care practices for healing from grief, self-care for grief counselors, staying committed to self-care, global self-care practices, permission to be, creating balance among chaos, making self-care nonnegotiable, contemplations at midcareer, and self-care planning.

Tags: Professional Counseling, Wellness & Self Care