Tiffany Brannon, PhD

Tiffany Brannon

Program Manager

Domestic Violence Shelter, Ohio and Kentucky

Member Since 2010

What is the biggest challenge facing the mental health field today?
Accessibility and affordability. I believe all clients and families impacted by social determinants of health require tailored intentional resources to meet their needs.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about counseling?
Therapy requires work and isn’t an instant solution after one session. I think the transtheoretical model applies to most modalities of counseling for clients to change behavior and work toward therapeutic goals. Putting therapeutic practice into action, then transitioning to maintenance is integral to therapy. It takes time.

What role do you think counseling plays in the delivery of mental health services in today’s society?
I believe counseling has made a major transformation in today’s society on the heels of the pandemic with telehealth. Telehealth is a major way mental health is being delivered in compared to the past and has drastically expanded just within the past with years. This possibly provides a solution to accessibility to counseling services as more people are able to engage in therapy as a result. 

What do you do to take care of yourself and rejuvenate?
I’m currently working on being intentional with self-care and getting back to the basics. I recently started watching TV again and reading. Having a weekend with no plans is also a way I rejuvenate. 

What outside of counseling brings you joy? Tell us about your hobbies or outside interests. 
Spending time with family and traveling internationally.

If you’d like to share how ACA membership or participation has helped you along your career journey, please do.
As a student I volunteered at the ACA conference, and the experience provided me with many resources, information and opportunities. I’m grateful for the student volunteer program and met many wonderful people.