Dodie Limberg, PhD

Dodie Limberg PhD

Associate Professor

University of South Carolina

Member Since 2002

ACA is a community of diverse, vibrant counselors and educators who are changing lives and the world at large. Dodie Limberg has worked as a clinical and school counselor in the United States and abroad, and cherishes her role as a teacher, mentor and researcher. 

Briefly describe a typical day in your work life?  

As a counselor educator, every day is different for me, which I love! I get to do research focused on counseling; teach, mentor, and supervise future counselors and counselor educators; volunteer my time to counseling organizations such as ACA and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision; and spend time with people who want to help others. In the past, I’ve been fortunate to be a counselor in Switzerland, Israel and several states. Counseling is such an exciting profession to be a part of. 

What is the biggest challenge facing the mental health field today?   

A clear understanding of who a counselor is and what we do is often misunderstood. Also, the need for services is more than we can keep up with. The good news is that there is more awareness of mental health and our profession is getting more recognition. 

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about counseling?  

That we give advice and analyze everything.  

What role do you think counseling plays in the delivery of mental health services in today's society?

Counselors are crucial to providing services in a variety of settings. We have a responsibility to decrease the stigma of mental health services and provide effective care to everyone we work with.  

What do you do to take care of yourself and rejuvenate?    

Nap, go out to eat with friends, go on a walk and have fun with my family. 

What outside of counseling brings you joy? Tell us about your hobbies or outside interests.  

I love to travel, read and be outdoors.  

If you’d like to share how ACA membership or participation has helped you along your career journey, please do! 

Being member of ACA has given me opportunities to develop as a leader and to give back to the profession. I’m very grateful to be a member and leader in ACA.