Risk Management

The following documents are de-identified composites of calls made to the ACA's Risk Management Helpline, operated by Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler, J.D., an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Risk Management services include helping  members  troubleshoot legal issues and pointing them in the right direction to determine whether or not they need an attorney’s assistance and the best ways to locate the right type of attorney in their area.

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The Counseling Relationship:

Coverage Arrangements for Absence or Termination (9/2011)


Licensure Concerns Regarding Online Counseling (04/2013)
Record Retention (3/2013)
Use of Email (4/2011)
Social Media (10/2011)
Retention of Electronic Communication with Clients (4/2012)
Health Information Hackers (12/2014)
Securing Your Smartphone  (8/2012)
Apple Watch and Privacy (5/2012)

Confidentiality, Privileged Communication, and Privacy



Dangerous Clients in Schools (12/2012)
Release of Minor Client's Counseling Information to Parents or Guardians (8/2012)
Families, Divorce, and Custody (3/2011)
FERPA / Parental Rights (6/2011)
School Violence and Bullying (2/2012)
Release of Minor Clients' Counseling Records to Parents or Guardians (8/2012)


HIPAA (5/2014)
HIPAA (1/2014)
HIPAA (5/2013)
HIPAA HITECH Law Changes (2/2013)
HITECH Breach Notification (5/2011)
HIPAA HITECH Audits (12/2011)
Cell- or Smart-phone Protection (6/2012)
New HIPAA Privacy Rule (7/2014)

EHR Records (12/2013)
Records (7/2013)
Records Requests (11/2011)
Records Custodian (4/2014)
Record Retention (09/2012)
Electronic Health Records Risks (1/2015)
Records Custodian Appointment (6/2014)
Record Retention (11/2012)


Parity (11/2013)
Insurance (10/2013)
Clients (9/2013)
Subpoenas (8/2013)
Fee-Splitting (3/2013)
Confidentiality and Substance Abuse (8/2011)
Counselor Safety and Confidentiality (7/2011)
Minimizing High Liability Risk (2/2015)
Subpoenas, HIPAA, HITECH, LLCs (3/2014)
National Practitioner Data Bank (11/2014)
Title IX (4/2015)
Clear and Present Danger  (6/2015)
Impacts of Health care Reform (1/2013)

Professional Responsibility:

Collaborative Law (10/2012)
Death or Disability of Counselor (1/2012)
Fraud (5/2012)
Intervening with Counselor Colleagues(3/2015)
Coordination of Care (8/2014)
Fees and antitrust laws (8/2015)
Banning weapons in private office (6/2015)


Reporting (6/2013)

Resolving Ethical Issues:

Client Complaint (2/2014)
Licensure Board Complaints (4/2012)
Licensure Board Complaints (9/2014)
Non-client Board Complaints (10/2014)

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