Divisions, Regions and Branches

ACA Divisions

There are 18 chartered divisions within the American Counseling Association. These divisions provide leadership, resources and information unique to specialized areas and/or principles of counseling. Divisions chartered by ACA elect division officers who govern their activities independently and carry a voice in national ACA governance. Enhance your professional identity and practice by joining one or more divisions.

ACA Regions

Midwest Region
North Atlantic Region
Southern Region
Western Region

ACA Branches

ACA has 56 chartered branches in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Locate a contact person for the branch near you.

ACA Resource Kit: Free Materials From ACA For Your Meeting or Conference

Is your Branch, Division, or Region holding a seminar or conference for more than 25 attendees? Would you like to receive a Resource Kit from ACA, which includes membership, conference, and publications brochures and catalogs, along with items for giveaway or raffle? The Kit is free but in order to receive one, you will need to fill out our resource kit form at least three weeks prior to your event.