Navigating the Ethical Decision-Making Process

A Practical Toolkit for LPCs, Educators, and Students

Today’s counseling professionals practice in an increasingly complex world. Difficult situations can arise in any counseling setting, and when they do, counselors “are expected to engage in a carefully considered ethical decision-making process” per the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics.

In 1996 Holly Forester-Miller, Ph.D. and Thomas E. Davis, Ph.D. collaborated with the American Counseling Association to develop such a process, ultimately publishing a white paper titled, Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making. This frequently cited professional resource has served as a guide for countless counseling professionals over the years.

We are happy to announce that Forester-Miller and Davis have once again partnered with ACA to update the white paper. The 2016 version of “Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making” is now available as a downloadable/printable PDF.

Access the white paper PDF here (926 KB).

Questions or comments? Please contact ACA's Center for Knowledge and Learning here.

The following infographic provides a quick reference guide to the material presented in “Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making” by Holly Forester-Miller, Ph.D. and Thomas E. Davis, Ph.D.

Additional Code of Ethics Resources
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