ACA Conference Consultations

Welcome to the Consultation page! In the Expo Hall at the conference, attendees can take part in a variety of consultations and job searching options. This page is a guide to the types of consultations and services available.

All consultations are 30 minutes, and due to high demand, they can not run over. We suggest that you prepare a list of questions or talking points prior to the consultation to maximise the use of your time with the consultant. Please click on the appropriate link below to get more details, and to submit your request for a consultation.

  • Employers/Universities: If you are an employer wanting to conduct live interviews during the conference, please click this link.

  • Employers/Universities: If you are an employer, click this link to view resumes submitted by members (beginning February 28th).

  • Job Seekers/Candidates: If you are seeking a live interview at the Career Center, please click here to view details and provide more information.

  • Career Consultation: Consultations are available with Rebecca Daniel-Burke (the Career Center Director) or a second consultant regarding a variety of subjects, including resume critiques, career path options, career changes, and more.

  • Private Practice: Consultations are offered by Bob Walsh and Norm Dasenbrook, ACA's Private Practice Consultants. These can be consultations regarding starting a private practice, questions about third party (i.e. insurance) reimbursement, fees, or other business practices for private counselors.

If you have any questions about viewing resumes or need assistance, you may contact the Career Center by clicking the link, or by calling 800-347-6647 x390

If you have any technical difficulties with this website, please contact the Webmaster for the Career Center.