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106: Developing a Psychosocial Approach to Disaster Response in Haiti
115: Strategies for Disaster Mental Health: Lessons From the Field
123: Using EMDR With Crisis Intervention and With Vets and Their Families
156: Border Violence: Addressing the Impact on Clients
181: The Human-Animal Bond at its Best! Animal-Assisted Crisis Response
187: Disaster-Trauma Response: Addressing Needs of Survivors Fulfilling DSM-IV-TR Substance Use Disorders or in Early-Mid Recovery
208: Post Traumatic Growth: How We Heal and Grow from Life's Trauma
210: Mom is a Crackhead Stripper: Evidence-Based Interventions in Play Therapy for Traumatized Children
226: Use of Group Work in Healing from Crisis and Trauma: Lessons Learned from Children and Adults around the World
247: Creating Healing Communities: Developing Community-Based Support Services for Military Veterans and Their Families
258: Promoting Posttraumatic Growth in Landmine Survivors in the Middle East
264: Tools of the Trade: A Resource-Rich Model for Teaching Disaster and Trauma Skills for Counselors
268: Counselors' Attitudes Toward Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Gender Role Attitudes and Ambivalent Sexism
273: Personal Trauma, Gender, and the Experience of Vicarious Trauma Among Counseling Professionals
297: The Personal is Political: Applying Feminist Theory to Crisis Intervention Work
309: Culture-Centered Perspectives on Disaster Response: India’s Community-Based Approach to Disaster Mental Health
312: Assessment and Treatment of Crisis in Families of Individuals With Autism who Display Severely Destructive Behaviors
322: Treating Adolescents with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a School Based Setting
324: Counseling for Trauma: A Sandtray Approach
339: Developing Strength from Trauma: Integrating an Innovative Emotional-Based Model Into Counseling Practices
340: The World of the Child Victim of Sexual Abuse: A Thematic Analysis of Trauma Narratives
347: With Crisis Comes Opportunity: Counseling Children & Adolescents in the Aftermath of a Disaster
351: Your Story Matters: Strategies for Companioning Children and Their Parent on Their Journey of Grief
352: Navigating Public Tragedy: Counselor Responses to Disaster Mental Health and the Tragedy in Tucson
354: A Three-Level Model of Suicide Assessment, Intervention, and Reporting
356: Earthquakes and Tremors, When the Earth Shakes: Lessons Learned From the Chilean Experience Through Research and Practice
363: Advanced Neurocounseling Strategies for Healing Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders

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