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104: Creative Activities to Help Counseling Students Explore White Privilege
106: Developing a Psychosocial Approach to Disaster Response in Haiti
109: Stressors, Barriers, and Supports: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Diverse Immigrant and Refugee Students
121: Vietnamese Americans Perceptions of Play and Counseling
142: The African American Female Experience: Perceptions of Self, Body Image and Overall Appearance
153: Managing Pseudoengagement: Implications for Counseling Mexican American Families
154: The Courage of Commitment: Reflections on Service and Social Action
170: The Impact of Racial Identity Development on the Supervisory Relationship
178: Critical Cultural Competency Domains For Counselor Development: A Study of Professional Growth Experiences
179: Counseling in the Czech Republic: Past, Present, and Future
184: The Shock of Confronting One’s Cultural Incompetence: Supervision and Steps to Growth for the Student Counselor
203: Let's Get Real about Racism: Cultural Competency for Counselors
212: Mentoring Minority Graduate Students and New Faculty: Steps on Being a Successful Graduate Student and Junior Faculty Member
215: Using Media to Deconstruct Historical Patterns and Assess Cultural Competency Practices
236: Teaching Social and Cultural Issues from Multiple Perspectives: A Practical Guide
248: Multicultural Contextual Integrative Counseling
261: Intersectionality of Identity: A Dialogue with Queer People of Color
283: Challenges and Strategies in Career Counseling Undocumented Immigrant Youth
284: Beyond Coming Out: Clinical Work With LGBT Individuals in Later Stages of Identity Development
285: Respect the Power: Understanding the True Power Differential is Cross-Cultural Supervision
289: Tertulia de Madres: Using Action Research To Explore Latino Parent Involvement in a Rural Elementary School
309: Culture-Centered Perspectives on Disaster Response: India’s Community-Based Approach to Disaster Mental Health
314: Stand Up: Learning How to Fight Racism
316: Integrating Indigenous African Healing Modalities into the Clinical Practice
320: Empathy Training: Where East Meets West
321: Examining The Experience: An Investigation of the students' perceptions of their Multi-cultural Training
336: Raising Black Males: Current Research on Essential Ingredients to Healthy Outcomes in Black Male Development
338: Cultural Competence: An Examination of the Acquisition Processes, Challenges and Triumphs of Counselor Education Grad Students
342: Complexities of Identity in Multicultural Counseling Training: Challenges for Trainers and Trainees
344: The Challenges of Diagnosing Cross Culturally With the DSM-5

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