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117: Antidepressants in Counseling: Facilitating Medication Management With Clients
153: Managing Pseudoengagement: Implications for Counseling Mexican American Families
158: Smart Soul Mates - Successful Relationships: 12 Positive Principles for Long-Term Relationship Development and Flourishing
188: Addressing Career Issues With Couples and Families: Techniques for Assessment and Intervention
209: Baby Power: The Impact of Infants and Toddlers on the Family System as Part of the Clinical Process
242: Best Practices in Marriage and Family Counseling
274: Perfectionism and Relationships - Is Having the Perfect Partner Helpful to Relationship Quality?
296: Counseling for Couples With Intimate Partner Violence: How Do You Know When itís Safe to Proceed?
317: Counseling Adoptive Families: Post-Adoption Treatment Services
326: When Grandma and Grandpa Become Mom and Dad: Engaging Grandfamilies in Clinical Practice
328: International Advances in Marriage and Family Counseling
334: Pregnancy and Child Loss: A Systemic Look at Client and Partner Needs for Recovery
337: The Tug of War Child: Treating Parental Alienation Syndrome with Creative Counseling Techniques

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