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108: Stigmatization of Adolescents Who Use Alcohol and Marijuana: A Counseling Concern
130: IAAOC Graduate Student Carousel: Research to Practice
165: Pathological Gambling as an Addictive Disorder in the Revised DSM (DSM-5)
187: Disaster-Trauma Response: Addressing Needs of Survivors Fulfilling DSM-IV-TR Substance Use Disorders or in Early-Mid Recovery
192: Applying Relational-Cultural Theory to Women with Addictions: Reconnecting with the Self and Others
228: Back on Track: Recovery for Veterans With Mental Health, Cognitive and Substance Use Issues in the Criminal Justice System
251: There’s an Elephant in the Room . . . Do You See It? Screening and Assessment for Sexual Addiction
270: Telephone Counseling for Smoking Cessation: What’s the Buzz about Quitlines?
281: School-Based Continuing Care for Adolescents With Substance Use Disorders: Principles for Sustaining Recovery in High School
293: Transforming Anger Management: Presenting Data on the Efficacy of the Emotional Skills Building Curriculum
319: Alcohol Use Disorder: Clinical Case Evidence for the Continuity Hypothesis
329: Suggestions for Integrating Substance Use Disorders into the Professional Counselor Licensure Process
334: The 'One Thing' in Alcohol Assessment
343: Behavioral Addictions: Assessment & Treatment

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