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    CT - CT Daily | Counseling Today | Page 4

    stress & anxiety , Trauma and Disaster Dropping Asperger’s from the DSM divides counselors

    CT - A day that changed a nation and a profession | Counseling Today

    first edition of Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies: A Counselor’s Guide to Preparing and

    CT - Online Exclusives | Counseling Today | Page 9

    input on definition of trauma Heather Rudow December 13, 2012 Leave a reply From now through Dec.

    CT - After an assault | Counseling Today

    college campuses have experienced trauma and the associated negative psychological effects.

    CT - February | 2012 | Counseling Today | Page 9

    The transformative power of trauma Jonathan Rollins February 1, 2012 2 Comments Since 9/11 and

    CT - September | 2011 | Counseling Today | Page 11

    first edition of Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies: A Counselor’s Guide to Preparing and

    CT - June | 2007 | Counseling Today

    to the editor: Trauma and the soul wound: A multicultural-social justice

    CT - April | 2010 | Counseling Today

    Archives: April 2010 Treating trauma Lynne Shallcross April 15, 2010 In just the first two months

    CT - December | 2012 | Counseling Today

    of the book Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies: A Counselor’s Guide to Preparing and Responding ,

    CT - Counselors Audience | Counseling Today

    , Counselors Audience All trauma is not the same Tara S. Jungersen, Stephanie Dailey, Julie

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    • ACA Weighs In on Wording Restrictions at the Centers for Disease Control

      Dec 20, 2017
      According to recent press reports, officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have been told to not use the terms “diversity,” “transgender,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based,” among others, in the upcoming budget request for 2019. This prompted American Counseling Association Chief Executive Officer Richard Yep to write the Acting Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) about the directive.
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    • Tax Bill Compromise Under Way

      Dec 15, 2017
      The House and Senate have approved different versions of tax reform and now the conference committee is preparing to release the final compromise version, which both houses must then pass before the measure goes to the President for signature. There has been a strong effort to move these bills through the legislative process in order to put a bill on the President's desk by December 25.
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