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Although Medicare is the primary insurer for nearly 60 million Americans, licensed professional counselors in most settings are still not classified as qualified providers, making Medicare reimbursement of counselors one of the profession’s top priorities. A new study in the April Journal of Counseling & Development found, based on a survey of American Counseling Association members, that up to 70% of counselors were directly affected by this reimbursement barrier, yet only those who had practiced longer and had direct experience with Medicare were more likely to participate in advocacy for Medicare reimbursement. Researchers Matthew C. Fullen, Gerard Lawson and Jyotsana Sharma relate their findings to social justice theory and explore the implications for counselors and clients.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 98 ■ Number 2 ■ April 2020

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Analyzing the Impact of the Medicare Coverage Gap on Counseling Professionals: Results of a National Study
Matthew C. Fullen, Gerard Lawson, and Jyotsana Sharma


“Meeting Someone at the Edge”: Counselors’ Experiences of Interpersonal Stress
C. Missy Moore, Sara E. Andrews, and Sejal Parikh-Foxx

Parental Influences on University Students’ Mental Help-Seeking Intentions
Joahnna J. Digal and Michelle M. Gagnon

Color-Conscious Multicultural Mindfulness Training in the Counseling Field
Emi Lenes, Jacqueline M. Swank, Kimberly A. Hart, Mercedes M. Machado, Stephanie Darilus,
Monika Ardelt, Sondra Smith-Adcock, Mary Rockwood Lane, and Ana Puig

“We Are Still Here”: Learning From Native American Perspectives
Amanda L. Giordano, Elizabeth A. Prosek, Michael K. Schmit, and Kelly L. Wester

Mental Health Literacy and Peer-to-Peer Counseling Referrals Among Community College Students 
Michael T. Kalkbrenner, Christopher A. Sink, and Jessica L. Smith

Self-Efficacy for Enhancing Students’ Career and College Readiness: A Survey of Professional School Counselors
Sejal Parikh-Foxx, Robert Martinez, Stanley B. Baker, and Jacob Olsen

Theory & Practice
The Career Human Agency Theory
Charles P. Chen and Julie Wai Ling Hong

Brief Report
A Mixed-Methodological Evaluation of a Subjective Well-Being Intervention Program With Elementary-Age Students
A. Stephen Lenz, Jennifer Gerlach, Julia Dell’Aquila, and Danielle Pester

Analyzing the Impact of the Medicare Coverage Gap on Counseling Professionals: Results of a National Study
Matthew C. Fullen, Gerard Lawson, and Jyotsana Sharma

Five Licensure Portability Models for the Counseling Profession to Consider
Lynn Bohecker and SunHee J. Eissenstat

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