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Achieving equal status under Medicare remains a top legislative priority for the counseling profession. New research published in the April Journal of Counseling & Development highlights the inequity of the Medicare mental health coverage gap by relating the frustrations, discouragement and hopelessness that beneficiaries experience when seeking mental health care from a program that excludes licensed professional counselors. In semistructured interviews, 18 Medicare beneficiaries—nine of whom qualified due to age and nine due to disability—shared their experiences. Reviewing the transcripts, researchers identified three main themes: exasperating experiences navigating the Medicare bureaucracy, compound barriers to obtaining care and Medicare as a flawed system.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 100 ■ Number 2 ■ April 2022

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The Impact of Excluded Providers on Medicare Beneficiaries’ Mental Health Care
Matthew C. Fullen, Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab, Jonathan D. Wiley, Nancy Brossoie, and Gerard Lawson


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Research Articles 
Effectiveness of EMDR for Decreasing Symptoms of Over-Arousal: A Meta-Analysis
Richard S. Balkin, A. Stephen Lenz, G. Michael Russo, Brent W. Powell, and Halie M. Gregory

The Impact of Excluded Providers on Medicare Beneficiaries’ Mental Health Care

Matthew C. Fullen, Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab, Jonathan D. Wiley, Nancy Brossoie, and Gerard Lawson

Child-Centered Play Therapy and Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Dee C. Ray, Elizabeth Burgin, Daniel Gutierrez, Peggy Ceballos, and Natalya Lindo

A Pre-Experimental Evaluation of Treatment Gains Associated With a DBT-A Partial Hospitalization Program
A. Stephen Lenz, Garry Del Conte, Cameron Douglas, Ayanna Crenshaw, Christin Dobbs, Emily Stogner, and Victoria Williford

A Phenomenological Study of Perseverance and Resilience Through the Migration Journey 
Dawnette L. Cigrand. Mary Fawcett, Rieko Miyakuni, Patricia Arredondo, and Gail Onderak

Centralizing the Voices of Queer Womxn of Color in Counseling
Ana G. Ryes, Natalya A. Lindo, Nicole Allen, and Mónica Rodríguez Delgado

The Context of Disclosing Suicidality: An Exploration With Attempt Survivors 
Lindsay Sheehan, Nathalie Oexle, Silvia A. Armas, Hoi Ting Wan, Michael Bushman, LaToya Glover, Stanley Lewy, and Aamir Laique

Assessment and Diagnosis
Moderation of Attachment on Association Between Relationship Status and Depression
Stacey Diane Arañez Litam and A. Stephen Lenz

Self-Reassurance Moderated by Identity Dysfunction: Associations With Distress and Impairment
David Kealy, Shelly Ben-David, Alicia Spidel, Saffron Wadsley-Rose, and Dan Kim 

Theory & Practice
Holistic Irreducibility: Humanistic Practice as the Gateway to Phenomenal Mind
Brett D. Wilkinson

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