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Survivors’ Stories: Navigating Parenthood After Surviving Child Sexual Abuse 

Fears and triggers resulting from child sexual abuse can affect survivors’ parenting practices in adulthood, leading them to overprotect their children in a world they view as unsafe. In this unique research, detailed in the July issue of Journal of Counseling & Development, authors Maria Haiyasoso and Heather Trepal use narratology and survivors’ personal artifacts to describe the parenting experiences of nine women. These shared stories, expressed in the participants’ own words, empower counselors to help other survivors explore the relational images that guide their parenting, encourage relational resilience, and develop healthier connections with their children.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 97 ■ Number 3 ■ July 2019

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Survivors’ Stories: Navigating Parenthood After Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
Maria Haiyasoso and Heather Trepal


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From the Editor
Matthew E. Lemberger-Truelove, Editor

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Kristina M. Nelson, W. Bryce Hagedorn, and Glenn W. Lambie

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Survivors’ Stories: Navigating Parenthood After Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
Maria Haiyasoso and Heather Trepal

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Dinesh J. Braganza, Ralph L. Piedmont, Jesse Fox, Geraldine M. Fialkowski, and Richard M. Gray

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