Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy


As expectations grow for the future use of psychedelic-assisted therapies (PATs), counselors’ beliefs about the drugs remain mixed, with many concerned about the risk of long-term cognitive impairment, says an article in the October Journal of Counseling & Development. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati surveyed professional counselors, counseling students and counselor educators to explore their views on PAT, hypothesizing that those who were male, younger or had used psychedelics themselves would be more likely to espouse positive views of PAT—a theory largely borne out by the data. Overall, however, most counselors agreed that psychedelics offer a promising way to treat psychiatric disorders, may improve outcomes in psychotherapy, and deserve further research.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 100 ■ Number 4 ■ October 2022

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Counselors’ Attitudes Toward Psychedelics and Their Use in Therapy
Benjamin G. Hearn, Michael D. Brubaker, and George Richardson


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Counselors’ Attitudes Toward Psychedelics and Their Use in Therapy
Benjamin G. Hearn, Michael D. Brubaker, and George Richardson

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