Clients rely on counselors to develop and use practices that are based on timely, rigorous research and sound methodologies. In the April issue of the Journal of Counseling & Development, authors Amanda L. Giordano, Michael K. Schmit and Erika L. Schmit share best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid when submitting research for publication in counseling journals. Covering all project phases, from crafting the research questions to contextualizing the results, the authors provide must-read guidance for both students and experienced scholars who are seeking to overcome systemic barriers and resist publish-or-perish pressure, and instead advance their profession through thoughtful, well-written research.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 99 ■ Number 2 ■ April 2021

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Best Practice Guidelines for Publishing Rigorous Research in Counseling
Amanda L. Giordano, Michael K. Schmit and Erika L. Schmit


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Special Issue: Advancing the Counseling Profession Through Research and Publication 
Introduction to the Special Issue
Michael K. Schmit and Amanda L. Giordano

Best Practice Guidelines for Publishing Rigorous Research in Counseling

Amanda L. Giordano, Michael K. Schmit and Erika L. Schmit

Advancing the Counseling Profession Through Intervention Research
Joshua C. Watson, Chia-Min Ho and Mikaela Boham

Advancing the Counseling Profession Through Contemporary Quantitative Approaches 
Andrew W. Wood, Stephanie Dorais, Daniel Gutierrez, C. Missy Moore and Michael K. Schmit

Promoting Rigorous Research by Examining Lived Experiences: A Review of Four Qualitative Traditions 
Elizabeth A. Prosek and Donna M. Gibson

Promoting Rigorous Research: Generalizability and Qualitative Research
Danica G. Hays and W. Bradley McKibben

Promoting Rigorous Research Using Innovative Qualitative Approaches
Kelly L. Wester, Carrie A. Wachter Morris, Caroline E. Trustey, Jaimie S. Cory and Lindsey M. Grossman

Multicultural Competence in Counseling Research: The Cornerstone of Scholarship
Caroline O’Hara, Catherine Y. Chang and Amanda L. Giordano

Community-Engaged Research and Evaluation in Counseling: Building Partnerships and Applying Program Evaluation
Casey A. Barrio Minton, Melinda M. Gibbons and Jennifer M. Hightower

Crowdsourcing for Online Samples in Counseling Research
Patrick R. Mullen, Jesse Fox, Jeremy R. Goshorn and Leila Khalid Warraich

Contemporary Issues in Reporting Statistical, Practical, and Clinical Significance in Counseling Research
Richard S. Balkin and A. Stephen Lenz

Guidelines for Authors

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