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Communicating Your Credentials: How Clients Choose a Counselor 

People choosing a counselor prefer those who say they are “board-certified” and possess multiple specialties, according to an article in the January Journal of Counseling & Development. A research team led by Donna S. Sheperis at Palo Alto University found that study participants serving as potential clients preferred language on board certification, a credential commonly used by doctors, over a list of abbreviated licensing credentials often used on counselors’ business cards. Understanding consumer perceptions can help counselors to develop their brand and their practice while attracting clients to enter treatment when they need it.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 97 ■ Number 1 ■ January 2019

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Marketing of Professional Counselors: A Q-Sort Study of Best Practices
Donna S. Sheperis, Komal Korani, Marsha Milan-Nichols and Carl J. Sheperis


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Assessment & Diagnosis
Differential Estimation of Treatment Effect Between Clinician-Administered and Self-Reported PTSD Assessments
A. Stephen Lenz and Ye Luo

Systematic Evaluation of Psychometric Characteristics of the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test 13-Item Short (SMAST) and 10-Item (BMAST) Versions 
Amelia Minnich, Bradley T. Erford, Gerta Bardhoshi, Zümra Atalay, Catharine Y. Chang and Lauren A. Muller

Marketing of Professional Counselors: A Q-Sort Study of Best Practices
Donna S. Sheperis, Komal Korani, Marsha Milan-Nichols and Carl J. Sheperis

A Systematic Review of Online Response Rates in Four Counseling Journals
Timothy A. Poynton, Emily R. DeFouw and Laura J. Morizio

School Counselors, Multiple Student Deaths, and Grief: A Narrative Inquiry
Michael D. Hannon, Raman K. Mohabir, Richard E. Cleveland and Brandon Hunt

Defining Wellness in Older Adulthood: Toward a Comprehensive Framework
Matthew C. Fullen

Multiracial Identity, Color-Blind Racial Ideology, and Discrimination: Professional Counseling Implications
C. Peeper McDonald, Catherine Y. Chang, Franco Dispenza and Caroline O’Hara

Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Whites Committed to Antiracism
Krista M. Malott, Scott Schaefle, Tina R. Paone, Jennifer Cates and Breyan Haizlip

Trends in Ethical Complaints Leading to Professional Counseling Licensing Boards Disciplinary Actions
Tyler Wilkinson, Dannielle Smith and Ramona Wimberly 

Theory & Practice
A Constructive Approach to Help Counselors Work With Clients Who Express Discriminatory Views
Douglas Guiffrida, Mathew Tansey and Daniel Miller

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