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MI Success With School Children 

Motivational interviewing (MI) may be a useful tool for counselors working with school children who have chronic, persistent patterns of misbehavior, suggests a new study in the October issue of the Journal of Counseling & Development. Working with boys and girls ages 10–12 who had been placed in alternative education, researchers Wannigar Ratanavivan and Richard J. Ricard found that nearly half behaved better in class after participating in an MI-based intervention. Those children who engaged in change talk and expressed increasing readiness to change were more likely to show improvements noticed by their teachers.

FEATURED ARTICLE Volume 96 ■ Number 4 ■ October 2018:

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Effects of a Motivational Interviewing–Based Counseling Program on Classroom Behavior of Children in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
Wannigar Ratanavivan and Richard J. Ricard


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