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Wellness screening tools can be helpful in treating anxiety and depression but are often time-consuming and costly to administer. Writing in the January Journal of Counseling & Development, Michael T. Kalkbrenner reports that a brief, 20-item wellness scale was found to be a significant predictor of anxiety and depression in a random sample of 796 U.S. adults. Like other wellness tests used by counselors, the Global Wellness scale of the Lifestyle Practices and Health Consciousness Inventory (LPHCI; Kalkbrenner & Gormley, 2020) can be used to suggest and monitor clients’ progress toward lifestyle changes associated with better mental and physical health, but it may have an advantage in some settings, such as integrated primary care, where testing time may be more limited. 

FEATURED ARTICLE: Volume 100 ■ Number 1 ■ January 2022

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Global Wellness: Predicting Lower Levels of Anxiety and Depression Severity
Michael T. Kalkbrenner


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Research Articles 
An Investigation of the Relationship Between School Counselor Trainees’ Broaching Behavior and Their Racial Identity Attitudes
Norma L. Day-Vines, Jennifer R. Brodar, Dantavious Hicks, Erica B. Fernandez-Korto, Carolina Garcia, and Katelynn Jones

Managing Threats: A Grounded Theory of Counseling Engagement in Clients With Experiential Avoidance

Michael M. Tursi, Craig R. Sellers, and Andre Marquis

A Qualitative Examination of Bi/Multilingual Counselor Training and Experiences
Amber L. Pope, Zahide Sunal, Alexandra C. Gantt, Betsy Zimmerman, Ali K. Corey, Mary Nuosce, and Lourdes Araujo

A Comparison of Treatment Perspectives Between Adolescent Males in Residential Treatment for Substance Use and Their Counselors 
Richard S. Balkin, G. Michael Russo, and Mandy L. Perryman

Assessment and Diagnosis
Interpersonal Stress, Interpersonal Competence, and Gender Matter for Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms: Considerations for Counselors
Sondra Smith-Adcock and Jennifer L. Kerpelman

Assessing Worry, Racism, and Belief in a Just World
Stacey Diane Arañez Litam, Rick Balkin, and LaVelle Hendricks

Global Wellness: Predicting Lower Levels of Anxiety and Depression Severity
Michael T. Kalkbrenner

Best Practices
Cultural Appropriation, Appreciation, and Adaption: A Rejoinder to “Effects of a Rite of Passage Ceremony on Veterans’ Well-Being”
Nicola A. Meade, Susan F. Branco, Isaac Burt, Roni K. White, and Alaina Hanks

Theory and Practice
Toward a Culturally Humble Practice: Critical Consciousness as an Antecedent
Aiesha T. Lee and Natoya Haskins

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