Easing Barriers to Portability: Next Steps

Building Blocks to Portability: Culmination of the 20/20 Initiative
Counselors continue to face roadblocks to practice when attempting to transfer a professional counseling license from one state or U.S. jurisdiction to another. Barriers to portability exist because state licensing boards have developed rules and regulations independently of one another for decades, resulting in inconsistent requirements for becoming and practicing as a licensed professional counselor. In the April 2018 issue of the Journal of Counseling & Development, authors David M. Kaplan and Kurt L. Kraus present an update on the counseling profession’s efforts to facilitate interstate licensure portability in the context of the 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling initiative. Although 20/20 participants succeeded in formulating key standards to ease licensure portability, Kaplan and Kraus write that the challenge now is to convince state officials to adopt the provisions that can make licensure portability a reality. Licensure portability is a critical issue facing the counseling profession and ongoing advocacy will continue with licensure boards across the U.S.

FEATURED ARTICLE Volume 96 ■ Number 2 ■ April 2018:

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Building Blocks to Portability: Culmination of the 20/20 Initiative
David M. Kaplan and Kurt L. Kraus


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Building Blocks to Portability: Culmination of the 20/20 Initiative
David M. Kaplan and Kurt L. Kraus

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