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American Counseling Association Foundation Offers Grants of Up to $500

Aug 13, 2018
The American Counseling Association Foundation is seeking proposals from American Counseling Association members for grants of up to $500. The grants are available for projects that support the mission of the American Counseling Association Foundation and the American Counseling Association.

The American Counseling Foundation’s mission is to support the work of the American Counseling Association and to advance and promote the counseling profession. The American Counseling Association’s mission is to promote the professional development of counselors, advocate for the profession and ensure ethical, culturally inclusive practices that protect those using counseling services.

Applicants must be an active member of the American Counseling Association currently working as a counselor or enrolled as a graduate student in a counseling program. If a team of applicants submits an application packet, at least one applicant on the team must be an active American Counseling Association member upon submission of the application.

Applications for grant funding must be submitted by completing the online American Counseling Association Foundation Funding Application. All applicants are required to answer the questions included in the online form and to submit a preliminary budget detailing the use of the requested funds. The application process is now open. The application deadline is Sept. 15, 2018.

More information is available here.

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