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  • Great News for Licensed Professional Counselors! HHS Extends the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

    Jul 24, 2020
    Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar has signed a continuation of the COVID-19 public health emergency, ensuring greater access to mental health services.
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  • Countering Health Disparities in Black & Latinx Communities: What Counselors and Other Mental Health Professionals Can Do

    Jul 21, 2020
    Cirecie A. West-Olatunji, Ph. D. serves as full professor and director of the Center for Traumatic Stress Research at Xavier University of Louisiana. She is also a past president of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Nationally, Dr. West-Olatunji has initiated funded research projects that focus on traumatic stress and systemic oppression. Her publications include three co-authored books, several book chapters, and over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Cirecie West-Olatunji has delivered research papers throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
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  • The American Counseling Association and Association for Counselor Education and Supervision’s Joint Statement on ICE’s New Rules for Foreign Students

    Jul 10, 2020
    The American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision stand in opposition to new regulations issued by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that will withdraw visas from foreign students whose courses move fully online. Following is a joint statement repudiating the modifications to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program:
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  • Free Access to the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development

    Jul 02, 2020
    This virtual issue of the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development (JMCD) is a collection of previously published articles that aims to advance multicultural and social justice counseling efforts during the COVID-19 era. The featured articles cover issues relating to natural disasters, infectious diseases (specifically, HIV), economic disadvantage, and health disparities. These articles are freely available online through August 2020.
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  • July is Minority Mental Health Month

    Jul 01, 2020
    July is Minority Mental Health Month, more recently known as #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth. BIPOC are often faced with years - even generations - of trauma, which translates to socioeconomic disparities and, in turn, is linked to mental health concerns today.
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  • Sue Pressman Begins Term as 69th President of the American Counseling Association

    Jul 01, 2020
    Sue Pressman, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Certified Career Counselor (NCCC), Master Career Counselor (MCC), Board-Certified Coach (BCC) and Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDFI), is the 69th president of the American Counseling Association.
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  • ACA Anti-Racism Statement

    Jun 22, 2020
    After discussion and discernment, the ACA Governing Council has issued the following statement on Anti-racism. The ACA leadership is listening to a cross section of members and volunteers in order to develop an action plan that will give life to this statement.
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  • Celebrate Juneteenth

    Jun 18, 2020
    Every year, Juneteenth takes place on June 19 and is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Black Independence Day, and Cel-Liberation Day. This holiday commemorates the day in 1865 when Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas to announce the end of the Civil War and slavery.
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  • NECA Statement Against Racism

    Jun 17, 2020
    NECA reacts with abhorrence and repugnance regarding the grip that racism has had on this nation and the world. Racism is not only a national problem, but a global issue that concerns every country, culture, and individual who lives and works on this Earth. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the murder of George Floyd and many others.
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  • AARC Condemns All Forms of Racism and Commits Funds for Research Investigating Racial Disparities

    Jun 03, 2020
    The Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC) emphatically condemns racism, systemic oppression of Black people, and police brutality that directly resulted in the brutal killing of George Floyd. We stand united.
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