ACA Media Spotlight: Addressing the Needs of Trans Military Service Members and Veterans

May 17, 2017
ACA 2017 Conference & Expo presenters Megan Shaine and Deanna Cor recently wrote an article for Curve magazine about transgender mental health in the military, amid uncertainties in the current political climate, and the roles professional counselors play in serving trans military service members and veterans.
Shaine and Cor are dedicated to preparing counselors for trans military service members and veterans who may be seeking treatment outside of the military due to uncertain policies around open service and trans rights.

"In order to serve this population in a more welcoming manner, counselors and other mental health professionals must consider the intersection of trans and military cultures and work to increase their cultural competence accordingly."

As members of the LGBT and military communities, trans service members are at elevated risk for exposure to multiple traumatic events including combat trauma and military sexual assault.

Read the full article in the Pride issue of Curve here.

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