2016-2017 Ethics Competition Winners Announced

Feb 08, 2017
Winners were identified from the top three Master’s teams and the top three Doctoral teams, with one honorable mention in each academic level. Members of the winning team will be recognized at the National Awards Ceremony at the ACA 2017 Conference & Expo (March 16-19) in San Francisco.
The Department of Ethics and Professional Standards, along with the ACA Ethics Committee, would like to thank the universities that participated in the 2016-2017 ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition.

Master’s Level Winners

First place: Webster University 

Faculty Adviser: La Vera C. Brown
Team Members: 
John McIntyre
Andrea Gillespie
Tamara McCaffity
Jacqueline McMillian

Second place: Montclair State University 

Faculty Adviser: Dana H. Levitt
Team Members: 
Celenia B. Martinez
Brianna Horvath
Shannon H. Theobald

Third place: University of Holy Cross 

Faculty Adviser: Theodore P. Remley
Team Members: 
Dustin J. Trahan
Jessica E. Boyd
Joshua  N. Evans
Stephen M. Maffei

Honorable mention: Oregon State University – Cascades 

Faculty Adviser: Kathy Biles
Team Members: 
Kristin Gregory
Allison Styffe
Lindsay Kandra
Kimberlee Lear


First place: University of Iowa 

Faculty Adviser:  Noel Estrada-Hernandez
Team Members: 
Roma Rush
Haley Wikoff
Carol Seehusen

Second place: The College of William and Mary 

Faculty Adviser: Eleni Honderich
Team Members: 
Nathanel Wagner
Edith Gonzalez
Victor Tuazon
Colleen Grunhaus

Third place: East Carolina University 

Faculty Adviser: Steven R. Sligar
Team Members: 
Qu'Nesha S. Hinton
Cheryl C. Meola
Margaret P. Sanders
Kristin M. Cain

Honorable mention: The George Washington University 

Faculty Adviser: Jorge G. Garcia
Team Members: 
Ann D. Emmanuel
Christian D. Chan
Justin G. Jacques
Andrea M. Parodi

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