ACA Media Spotlight: Making Social Media Work for You

Aug 04, 2015
In her August column for Psychology Today, ACA President Dr. Thelma Duffey shares tips for using social media during challenging times.
"Communicating and connecting via social media is the 'new normal' of contemporary life. And for people leading full lives, it’s a wonderful tool. But what happens when a person is facing adversity, feeling different and disconnected from others—or when life hands them an unexpected challenge?  How do people negotiate the ins and outs of social media when they are not living the lives they expected to be living at a particular point in time?  Moreover, what impact does social media have on people struggling with private issues or stressors that challenge how they feel about themselves?  Ironically, the very tool designed to connect us to one another can, during stressful times, exacerbate feelings of disconnection, loneliness, and loss."

Read the full article here.

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