School Counselors: Be Recognized in Counseling Today!

Jan 04, 2013
Tell us your story, or about a school counselor you know, who has had a positive impact on the community. Several advocacy stories will be selected and written about in Counseling Today, others will be posted online. Submission deadline is September 15th.

An Appeal for School Counselor’s Personal Stories

There is a part of a school counselor’s job that can receive very little recognition and yet it’s why school counselors pursue a Master’s Degree and are driven to do their very best work. Day in and day out, school counselors strive to be change agents for the students and families they serve.

Being an advocate comes with the job. ACA is asking you to share your personal stories of school counseling advocacy work. Advocacy can be done with students and sometimes on behalf of students to make positive change. Examples of advocacy include school counselors fighting systemic oppression, using data-driven programs to serve students better, saving a student from slipping through the crack, playing a lead role in a crisis situation, preventing student harassment, or keeping a kid in engaged in school by addressing what is occurring outside of school.

Now is not the time to be modest! Click here for the form to tell your story. Or, help recognize a school counselor you know! Click here for the Colleague Story form.

Sharing your story is not showing off. Published success stories will serve as inspiration, best practices, and examples of why you are needed in your school. Specifically, your stories will be published and recognized in the following ways:

  • Feature story in Counseling Today magazine
  • Posted on the ACA website
  • Highlighted in lobbying material used in discussions with Congress members
  • Mentioned in our email newsletter, ACAeNews
  • A copy of the Counseling Today article will be sent to your school district, school administrator, and federal Congress members
  • Local media will be notified of your story

So stop being modest. Share your story with us! The deadline has been extended to January 1, 2013. Social change starts with people like you who care, a lot. Every time you make a difference in a student’s life, a family’s situation, or improve a school’s way of meeting students’ need, you are making positive change happen.

Together, we can help elevate the importance of school counselors at a time when our youth and communities needs us more now than ever.

Submit your story

Submit a story about a colleague

Please submit stories to Jessica Eagle at First round of stories to be considered for Counseling Today are due by September 15th. Jessica can also be reached at 1-800-347-6647 ext. 202.

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