2011 Conference & Exposition: Call for Proposals - Reviewer Information

Feb 24, 2010
2011 Conference & Exposition: Call for Proposals

Submission deadline has expired

Topics of specific interest for 2011:

  • Disaster Mental Health
  • Social Media
  • Military Members and Their Families
  • The Revised DSM (DSM-V)

ACA also is actively seeking advanced programs in all areas.

Crafting a Winning Proposal for the 2011 ACA Conference in New Orleans: Integrating Passion, Evidence, and Attention to Detail!
By Brad Erford
2010 & 2011 Chair of the ACA Conference Program Review Panel

Pre-Conference Learning Institutes

  • Learning Institutes (LIs) focus on advanced skills, techniques and approaches that counselors can utilize in their day to day work
  • Presented by highly-qualified experts in the field
  • Offer a smaller class size, which gives attendees a more intense learning experience
  • Take place the two days prior to the start of the conference (March 23-24, 2011)
  • Two formats offered:
    • Daytime Sessions, 6 contact hours
    • Evening Sessions, 3 contact hours

2011 Call for Proposals closed on June 2, 2010.

Education Sessions

  • Education Sessions make up the core conference (March 25-27, 2011)
  • Three different formats:
    • 90-Minute Program
    • 60-Minute Program
    • 30-Minute Project/Research Poster Session (takes place in Convention Center Exhibit Hall)
  • Class sizes for 90 and 60-Minute Programs are based on room capacity

2011 Call for Proposals closed on June 2, 2010.

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