ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition Results

Jan 29, 2009
Once again, we have come to the conclusion of the annual ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition! The winners are...

Once again, we have come to the conclusion of the annual ACA Graduate Student Ethics Competition!  Each essay was reviewed by 3 separate reviewers from the Ethics Committee and graded on a 100 point scale, for a maximum score of 300 points. 

At the Masters level, 29 teams signed up to compete, and there were 25 essays submitted.  The case study related to a workplace issue based around the concept of dual relationships.

The winners are:

... in 3rd place, Eastern Mennonite University, with a score of 288 points. The team included Nate Koser, Genhi Whitmer, and Zachary Taylor under the guidance of Linda Leitch-Alford.

... in 2nd place, Youngstown State University, with a score of 290 points.  The team included Kyle Wagner, Emily Myers, and Meredith Edgar-Bailey under the guidance of Jake Protivnak.

... in 1st place, The College of William and Mary, with a score of  293 points.  The team included Amanda Deverich, Hannah Bayne, and Stacy Bolling, under the guidance of Charles Gressard.

At the Doctoral level, there were 10 registrations and 9 essays.  The case study for doctoral students related to insubordination, substance abuse, and compassion fatigue. 

The winners are:

... in 3rd place, University of North Texas, with a score of 271 points.  The team included Ryan Holliman, Kristin Meany-Walen, and Ryan Foster under the guidance of Casey Barrio-Minton.

... in 2nd place, Old Dominion University, with a score of 278 points. The team included Rebecca McBride, Sonya Lorelle, Stephanie Crockett, and Julia Forman under the guidance of Edward Neukrug.

... in 1st place, University of Toledo, with 279 points. The team included Tara Hill, Amber Lange, and Megan Mahon under the guidance of Nick Piazza.

Teams will be notified individually of any feedback from their essays.  (Please be patient – it will take a little time).

Winners will be recognized at the ACA Annual Conference to be held in March in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Winning essays will be published on our website very soon.

Congratulations to all our winners!!!

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