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Jul 06, 2017

Even Barbie Gets the Blues

As of July 5, the Facebook link to Barbie’s vlog post had logged 5.3 million views, with 85,000 likes, 80,000 shares, and 13,000 comments.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.24.52 PMIn the video, originally posted in 2016, Barbie keeps her message simple and straightforward—and in line with the emotional range of her younger audience.

“Hey, guys, so I woke up this morning feeling a little blue—no real reason that I can think of, just blue,” Barbie says at the start of the video. “And I've been thinking about it all day. I mean, everyone feels this way sometimes, right?"

Barbie then talks about the various ways she cheers herself up. And then mentions that she may be a little too hard on herself sometimes.

“I don't always have to be upbeat and positive,” she says. “And to expect that of myself is—it isn't fair.”

She continues: “The key is knowing that you are not alone—and how what you feel—everyone has felt the way you feel at some point, and knowing that makes me feel better about not feeling better.”

And, although Barbie’s target audience is 3- to 5-year olds, the doll launched 58 years ago still has a strong connection to an older set.

“I finally found a good counsellor when I was in college,” one Facebook commenter wrote. “She worked there and, being a student, she was free for me to use. Talking to her made things so much better. She even told me to go seek out a psychiatrist for medication… I am now seeing a psychiatrist and on medication and feeling so much better. I still have down moments. They don't go away forever. And I still have my manic high moments. But my anxiety is way down, and I can mostly win those arguments with my brain now. My bf is loving and understanding… Sometimes it fights him too but he is patient. With him, the meds, my parents’ understanding, and my psychiatrist, my life has increased in happiness. This is a beautiful video from Barbie! I wish this was around when I was younger.”

“Millions of little boys and girls watch this when it comes out,” another Facebook commenter wrote. “If Barbie can help a single kid feel better about their feelings, depression, anxiety, then more power to the people behind her. Thank you, Barbie. For telling our kids it's ok to feel sad and not be happy all the time.”

And, from one more commenter: “Y'all have to realize that these videos are marketing towards little girls and like this is honestly really good advice. If I had [seen] a video like this as a child, especially by Barbie, I probably would have opened up [about] my depression sooner and gotten help earlier.”

Next up: It might be worth taking a look at Barbie’s empathy challenge (vlog episode #32), encouraging youngsters to perform random acts of kindness.


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