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ShannonGonter Jun 11, 2019

Benefits Of Business Cards

I hear you out there saying, “Business cards? What?! Who uses those anymore? It’s not 2000 anymore.” Sounds so old school, right? I know, I know but even in the digital age we shouldn’t forget about print marketing. It still has a place in this world and personally I think it’s a vital one. 

With a majority of our marketing efforts directed to digital marketing platforms it is easy to forget about or discard the benefits of some print marketing, such as business cards. Now don’t get me wrong, digital marketing has been a game changer in many ways and even with our relationship to business cards. There are now tons of apps out there that organize your business cards and make connections for you. Therefore, making it easier for you to follow up and keep track of them opposed to throwing them in a drawer and never looking at them again. 


1.    Business cards are one of the cheapest, most effective marketing tools

Digital marketing (email campaigns, SEO, social media, paid media…) are all great tools to use to attract leads and prospects, but they require more money and possible outsourcing. Business cards are something that you can 1) design by yourself 2) afford easily 3) execute by yourself. No matter how much money you spend on your marketing efforts, nothing is going to pay off more than an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange. 

2.    Business cards can assist you in remembering things 

How many of you have been at a conference, meeting or networking event and strike up a conversation with someone, become interested in what they do, and then they have to leave and you don’t get to finish the conversation. So, your left with thinking “wow Sally was really great, and her business sounds so interesting and like there would be some overlap in the clientele we see, I wish I knew her email address to follow up with her.”
. . .
WELL if you had business cards and were able to exchange cards before leaving the conversation, you would have the physical card and information to remind you to follow up with her to continue that conversation and to build the relationship and referral base. 

3.    Business cards are more personal than digital connections 

Networking is all about making genuine, long lasting connections with people. Though it can be more convenient to whip out your phone and get their email or phone number; it isn’t as personal. Making eye contact, having an undistracted conversation and then exchanging business cards at the end is going to show the other individual that you are confident, capable and professional. And honestly, we all know that once you get your phone out, it’s not that easy to put it away, and you don’t want to be that person at a networking event sitting in the corner on their phone. 

4.    Business cards could be the first interaction someone will have with your brand 

Think about those big-name brands you buy and interact with every day. What are some words that come to mind after hearing those liked, and familiar brands? Hopefully they are good words, and if not, maybe rethink interacting with a company that doesn’t leave you feeling good. So, applying this to you, for your business brand you want to ensure that you are leaving people with a calm, welcoming, warm (or whatever you are hoping to evoke) feeling and not a cheap, cold, or unapproachable (or whatever you are hoping to avoid) feeling. Use this thought frame work when designing your business cards, because your business cards may be the first interaction someone has with your brand. 

5.    Having business cards available shows others, you are prepared

Just imagine this. You are talking to two individuals who both spark your interest and you want to connect further with them, so you ask them if you could get their email to continue this conversation at a later date. One reaches into their bag and is scrambling to find a pen and a piece of paper to write their email down and the other one reaches into their wallet and hands you a business card. Just based on this interaction, who would you want to reach out to first? Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are a true professional. 

So now that you’ve learned some new things about business cards and are thinking about getting some for your small business, bet you have some questions that popped up. 


Where do I order business cards? What do I write on the business card? What shape business card should I get? What colors should I use? How many do I order?

Find all those answers and more, here.

Have additional questions? Feel free to message me and ask!
Shannon Gonter is a professional counselor in Louisville, KY who works with young adults and specializes in mens issues. She strives to create a counseling environment that men and young adults can relate to, feel heard in and find new solutions to their negative patterns in. Learn more about her and the services she provides at


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