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MelanieMosbarger Oct 10, 2018

Mental Health Break

How often when asked the question, “How are you?” is the response something like, “Oh I’ve had a bad day,” or “I’m doing alright.” On the contrary I hear anywhere from “good, fine, or occasionally well thanks and you?” I wonder if in part people, myself included, are quick to respond “good!” because we haven’t taken the time to self-evaluate, and truly don’t know the state of our being. What does the barometer read when you have reached your limit and your plate is too full? Most importantly do you know when you are getting to that point?

The stressors of life can lead to feeling depleted, run down, exhausted, or tired all of the day. Have you noticed that when you are stressed you also may not feel physically well, maybe it’s a cold, headache, overall malaise? Well those physical symptoms are your body giving you warning signs saying, “Hey, please take care of me!” Ways to keep yourself from getting to the physical exhaustion are to do little love deposits for yourself either once a week, twice a month- whatever works with your schedule or is not another tasking “to do.” These gradual love deposits don’t have to include money, depending on your preference it could be a walk outside, watching a favorite movie, or if necessary a short little road trip. You pick your cup of tea, but don’t stress about it, keep it something simple yet fun!

What are your warnings that it’s time for a love deposit?

  1. Are you finding it hard to focus on the task at hand?
  2. Is it hard to make you laugh?
  3. Did you accidentally snap at someone?
  4. Have you been eating at least 3 times a day?
  5. Are you easily irritated?
  6. Are you having restful sleep? Or Restless?
  7. When was the last time you remember doing something for yourself?
  8. Are you keeping up with your physical hygiene?
  9. Is your work getting sloppy?
  10. Are you getting sick often?

Don’t wait until it’s too late, listen to your body, and learn how to be aware of what the signs are that you need a little five minute break to breathe or do a quick yoga exercise. Taking care of yourself mentally leads to physically feeling well. Mindfulness exercises are also very beneficial it’s a great way to start and end the day. Right now, point out 3 things in the room and describe them their shape, color, and texture.  A quick little exercise as that allows you to reset and press the play button again, because we all need to pause every once in a while.
Melanie Mosbarger is a therapist that works with trauma-related issues as well as other mental health disorders. She uses a trauma-focused approach to help children, adolescents, and adults find the hope and healing they are seeking in their lives. For more information on her treatment modality click here.

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