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Dr. Gerald Brown
Aug 09, 2018

Reading with your child(ren)

Hey dads, here’s a question:

How much do you read with your children? Once a day, once a week, only on holidays, all the time, hardly ever, don’t know…?

It turns out that anywhere and anytime is a good place to start, and there are so many great reasons to focus on doing this at least weekly. Research tells us that kids who read with their parents learn significantly faster and better. Our hearts and memories tell us that story time with mom or dad was a magical time and usually helped us sleep better.. It’s the kind of magic that makes a family tight, a one-stop-shop for bonding, learning, fun, and rich relationships. Here are some ideas to help get the ball rolling:

  1. Reading with your kids could be one of the best things you do this year as a dad. Make story time with your child a routine: Just before dinner; right aft­er bath; a bedtime ritual; first thing in the morning; whatever works with your family schedule. Children thrive on routine, and they’re going to love their daily reading time with you.
  2. Read with the children, not just to them: This may mean running your finger under the words as you say them, entering into the spirit of the story, reading with expression and enthusiasm, and seeing how much fun reading can be because dad loves it too! Make reading an interactive experience: Ask questions as you go, such as, “What do you think happens next,” “Remind me who is the main character,” “is this story fiction or non-fiction,” and “Let’s read this sentence/these words out loud together.” Have a dictionary handy either in print or online for words that need to be defined and sounded out correctly.
  3. Be an active reader yourself: Sometimes when the children are reading their book, you can be reading one of your own. Share what’s going on in your story and ask what’s going on in theirs.
  4. Choose a word of the day and make sure you both know how to spell it, say it, and what it means.
  5. Subscribe to an age appropriate magazine (in print or online) in your child’s name. Make books and reading part of your family culture, and they won’t just fall in love with reading, they’ll fall more in love with you.

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Always remember to tell your child the following each day:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Love yourself
  3. You were born for special reasons
  4. Look for ways to help others today
  5. Your primary purpose is to discover what your unique talents are (that no one else in the world has)


Doc Brown

If you would like to learn more about me or my practice Inner Compass Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting, PLLC and have questions feel free to visit my website as well as read my Inner Compass Blog.  My new book Abandoned to PhD: Integrating meaning and resilience in everyday life has been recently published and if you would like to review and purchase please visit

Dr. Gerald Brown (Doc Brown) is owner of Inner Compass Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting PLLC in Cornelius, NC and Statesville, NC.  He is passionate about fatherhood issues, immigrant concerns, and specializes in trauma work.  Doc Brown has presented at various conferences and has a multitude of experience training organizations and corporations in diversity and multicultural resilience.  He believes in helping individuals, couples, and families find meaning and integrate that meaning with various resiliencies in order to live purposefully and vibrantly.  He is married with two daughters ages 15 and 7. 

















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  1. 2 Katie 17 Aug
    Great article
  2. 1 Clarissa 24 Aug
    Great article, Dr. Brown! Hope you are well :)


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