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Feb 28, 2018

Leaving A Browser Window Open

Today I embark on a journey—a journey towards fearlessness. Today I launch my private practice. It will only be part-time but this is the furthest I have come toward realizing this dream. I have toyed with the idea for years but I never got past the point of looking for office space. That seemed too much of a leap of faith. Well, I have finally done it. My office space is leased, my LLC is created and I have business cards on the way. The only thing pending is furniture for said office and finding clients.

It has been so incredibly amazing to see my ideas and dreams come to fruition. But it would have never happened had I not tried one motivational strategy to move myself past my fear and procrastination.

I left a browser window open.

That’s right. It was that simple. When the idea came to me again while I was at my full-time job, I simply opened a window on my internet browser to a link about how to start a private practice. It sat there, staring at me, and consistently reminding me of the tasks that I needed to do to complete my goal. Every day I would look at it and slowly my resolve hardened and I knew I was ready to begin the next step: finding office space.

Following the same idea as before, I simply opened up a browser window to searches of office space in my area and in my price range. I then made a phone call a day setting up office visits. It only took two office visits to find the space that I would call home.

With that step completed, I had the motivation to move forward with everything else. I was now committed and it felt great! But I was terrified. Truly and utterly terrified. But as I completed the next steps to getting my LLC and designing a logo, my fear slowly died away. The logo is what did it for me. This was MY design and MY dream.

I am sure that the final bits of fear will die away once I have my office set up and ready. I have taken steps to purchase some good second-hand furniture. Now, there is a browser window open in my head showing me what my office could look like. My fear has become my dream, and I am beyond excited.
Brittany Lash is a counselor in Texas and is the director for the Professional Recovery Network ( with the Texas Pharmacy Association. She has experience working in public mental health, mental health public policy and in training first responders to work with individuals with mental illness.


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  1. 9 Vanessa 01 Mar
    This is truly inspiring Ms. Lash! Congratulations and best of luck to you! ☺

  2. 8 Sue Pressman 01 Mar
    Dear BRittany,
    I loved reading your story and about how you opened your browser to start your practice! 
    It’s inspiring and I wish you the best and much success!
    Sue Pressman
  3. 7 Jacqueline Hayes, PLPC 01 Mar
    This is inspiring! It is just what I needed to move myself along. Thanks for sharing. 
  4. 6 Christine 01 Mar
    Brittany, I will finish school this September. I find the idea of starting a practice intimidating, and it is nice to see you on your way! Best of luck from Georgia!
  5. 5 Kendall Flowers 01 Mar
    I found your article very inspiring! I'm looking forward to opening my practice one day. I'll be graduating in April 2019.
  6. 4 Shakina Small 02 Mar
    Thank you for sharing your testimony about starting your practice. That is my dream when I complete school. I hope you have success in helping people. Thank you again Shakina
  7. 3 Anastasia Leondis 02 Mar
    Congratulations!  I remember the fear I felt as I figured out how to realize the same dream of starting my private practice.  That was 11 years ago and I haven't regretted it once!!  Have confidence and patience! You're gonna be amazing!
    Best of luck!
  8. 2 Amanda 05 Mar
    If you don't mind Ms. Lash will you email me so that I may inquire about some questions I have concerning private practice and the start up?

  9. 1 Brittany Lash 25 Jun

    I'm not sure how to get your email address from this. Once I am able, I will gladly do so. You can also email me at


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