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Shainna Ali Jan 10, 2018

Three TED Talks You Need to Watch if You're Considering Counseling

Mental health counseling can be beneficial for just about anyone. When I share that I’m often met with an array of responses. Some concur, but others are hesitant and even offended. Although we’ve come a long way, mental health stigma is still rather pervasive. When you consider mental health, your mind may actually warp to the exact opposite and antiquated images of asylums and horror stories may come to mind. This imagery may hold you back from seeking the help you may not only benefit from, but may need. I’ve been on a mission to try to bridge the gap between needs and services and to help others cross their stigma-riddled obstacles.

Originally a conference to discuss the convergence of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, TED has evolved into an informative worldwide community for discourse and education. TED talks are known to feed curious souls and inspire thinkers. I’ve found TED Talks to be a powerful conduit to mental health destigmatization and empowerment. Here are some helpful TED Talks to help you in your journey.

Don’t suffer from your depression in silence