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Feb 22, 2017

Toolkit for Transformation: Affirmations

Our brains are wired to notice what is wrong in our environment. That’s intended to be for our survival, but it means we are primed to think negatively. We really have to work to create a positive outlook! So you’ll want to practice, practice, practice this Toolkit for Transformation strategy.

Louise Hay is famous for her affirmations, so be sure to check with her website, books and other resources!


The key to affirmations that work for you is that you have to already believe them a little bit! 

If a recommended affirmation (“I deeply and completely love myself”)

isn’t something you believe yet, or you find you’re resistant,

then start with, 

“I’m open to…” or “I’m learning to…”

followed by the affirmation of your choice.

What are you affirming now?


Creative your own stress management “Toolkit”

Each of us has our own well-used strategies to handle stress. If we rely on just a couple of “tools”, we become locked into repeating patterns of coping that may not serve us and keep us from becoming as successful as possible.

Consider making a list of the strategies you typically use when you feel stuck or stressed or overwhelmed.  Next, take a look at the coping strategy from this week or previous weeks and make a commitment to try something new.

This blog describes a variety of tools that could help you change your negative energy into positive or shift your self-defeating thoughts into ones that support you better. They come from my work with clients – as well as myself – helping to manage and transform difficult the feelings, concerns, and situations that you may also be working through. 


Forget “practice makes perfect”! We are all practicing and learning as we grow and develop. It may take several tries – practice – before you feel even a small shift, but keep at it! You might find changing just one thing in how you approach a challenge in your life brings at least some relief.

Suzan K. Thompson, Ph.D. is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years experience. She helps adults learn practical tools and strategies to manage anxiety, depression and trauma. For more tools please visit:

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