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Dec 15, 2016

Toolkit for Transformation: Dance! Shake it Up, Baby!

Did you know that DANCING is good for your mental health?! According to a 2013 article by Scott Edwards from a Harvard Newsletter from the Mahony Neuroscience Institute (, dancing has such positive effects on the brain that it’s being used to treat individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Dancing is not only a physical activity, it’s paired with music to double the effects on the brain as well as sensory and motor functions. Dancing also involves mental effort and social interaction, which may help lower the chances of the onset of dementia.

PLUS, it’s just plain FUN!

So, the next time, you’re struggling with an issue, instead of stressing, take time out to…

Dance! Shake it Up, Baby!

Try an active and dynamic meditation or just play your favorite dance music.

Shift your energy and point of power by moving your body.

Take a few minutes to dance!

Notice what happens to your energy and your perspective

as you return to your dilemma or concern. 


Create your own intrapersonal “Toolkit”!

Try spending just a few minutes making a list of your own “go-to”, internal tools – those strategies that you’ve found even a little helpful when you’ve felt stressed or overwhelmed.  Writing them down will help you remember them in times of trouble. AND, if you practice when you’re NOT under stress, it becomes easier to remember when you ARE!

Each week, this blog presents a simple-to-use tool for you to use. My post will highlight a tool or strategy from a variety of psychological, spiritual, energy-based, complementary, and integrative approaches.

Try them, then add to your own list.

The strategies this blog describes could help you change your negative energy into positive or shift your self-defeating thoughts into ones that support you better. The tools have been tested by many of my clients – as well as myself – helping them to manage and transform difficult the feelings, concerns, and situations that you may also be facing. 


Know that it may take several tries – practice – before you feel a huge shift, but keep at it! You might find changing just one thing in how you approach a challenge in your life brings at least some relief.
Suzan K. Thompson, Ph.D. is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years experience. She helps adults learn practical tools and strategies to manage anxiety, depression and trauma. For more tools please visit:

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