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Aug 03, 2016

Developing a thorough Case Conceptualization

          Case Conceptualization is an integral part of my clinical residency. As I learned in graduate school, it is best to gather information from various reporting sources not just a parent or solely the client.

          During my internship, we were taught how to disseminate as well as gather information and methods to determine its accuracy. In graduate school, the assignment was to present a 30 page case conceptualization with PowerPoint slides, (of course) during both semesters of internship. That experience has taught me the usefulness of taking the time to read the historical information from past hospitalizations, school background, court history and any other sources of information on the client. Bear in mind; there is research involved in understanding clinical and medical diagnoses that you might find. There is also research involved in understanding what each medication is taken for and how that affects the client as a whole.

          Ultimately, my case conceptualization was completed …(another of course); but this left me wondering what happens to those clients that you do not have the time to be as thorough in information gathering? Fortunately, my position involves working with each client intensively for at least 3 months. My learning experience for this blog is to always take the time to learn what you can about historical data and medication information. These two areas alone can be of great assistance in determining what interventions have worked in the past as well as what the effects the current medication can have on the person as whole.
Joanne Thomas is a Resident in Counseling, completing clinical residency to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia. She has discovered her passion of working with youth and provides both individual and family therapy and concurrently is completing coursework to obtain her credential as a Registered Play Therapist.

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  1. 1 Jose Flores 01 Nov
    Do l.p.c 's do a case conceptualization as part of best practice or is abandoned after graduate school?


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