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Aug 14, 2015

My Life In Crisis

It is hard to believe that I have been working in crisis for almost two years now. When I first began I had no real idea what to expect from day to day. It is a bit comical that years later I still feel the exact same way when I come into work. There is never any way to know what can happen in a day working as a Crisis Clinician. It is a new challenge that stretches you almost every single day.

I have had cases that I could never have believed I would be able to prepare myself for. Those are the times when I am so grateful for the “close your eyes and jump” aspect of this work. There is never time for fear or self-doubt. You take a deep breath and dive in with your whole heart open to do whatever it takes to try to bring even the slightest feeling of peace and healing to those suffering. It is in those moments that I feel truly honored to be the person who is entrusted with the emotional and sometimes physical life of another. 

I have seen clients look to me in such a way that it internally breaks my heart into the multitude of pieces they feel their lives have been shattered into. When those moments come, I have no choice but to breathe deep and pour all those feelings into working to help them find a way out of the darkness.

I have had times where it is so difficult to "make the switch" back to my everyday life after the experiences I’ve shared with clients. It is those days where I am reminded of how grateful I am for the life I have today.

I have had times where I feel impotent and frustrated with the limitations we have as Clinicians. This work has taught me that in this realm of short-term care, I must entrust my clients to other providers who will carry the torch to the next level of healing.

This work so far has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. It has made me change and grow both professionally and personally. Since I have been in this field, I have learned to take a deeper look at myself and see where I can grow and change for the better. My life is in crisis but I have never felt more at peace in so many ways. 

Nicole Michaud is a Crisis Counselor in Central Connecticut. She is also the voice behind the cooking Blog

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