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Sep 17, 2013

3 Tips for New Healthcare Entrepreneurs

I was recently asked to share 3 tips for entrepreneurs looking to build a company in the healthcare field. Specifically, I was asked “If you were talking to a young aspiring entrepreneur about their new startup, what would be your top three pieces of advice? Examples might be something like:

“Raise money before you need it”

“Your first hire is the most important” or

“Read The Lean Startup”.

I thought I’d share my 3 tips on the ACA blog. Here they are:

1) Get your product/service to market

Keep things as simple as you can and offer something for sale as soon as possible. It will help you test the market and measure the demand for what you’re offering.

2) Practice Thought leadership

Today every company is a media company. Tell your company’s story, and also use your expertise to provide lots of valuable information to your customers / potential customers. When we started offering credentialing to healthcare providers, we knew that to be competitive we were going to need to show that we cared more (and knew more) than our competition, and one of the first things we did was created about 50 web videos giving free advice on the topic.

3) Invest in Customer Service

Be customer obsessed. Be extraordinarily honest, attentive, helpful, and generous to your customers. Respond and resolve customer complaints quickly and completely.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, I hope this helps!!

To seasons entrepreneurs, what are your top 3 tips!?
Anthony Centore is a Counselor, is Private Practice Consultant for the ACA, and helps counseling practices across the US thrive. For more information on private practice and insurance panels go to

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  1. 2 ashley 08 Oct
    I have recently graduated with my masters in counseling. I am trying to find a paying job that doesn't require a license so I can work on my hours. The only problem is, is that I'm not good at networking myself. Are there ideas on how to do this that you can give me?
  2. 1 Keith 26 Jan

    Thanks for the article, Anthony.  Excellent content as always!

    re: Ashley

    I would suggest searching for a local network of therapists that have been in the area for several years and know the current therapist job market.  In Georgia, sometimes state jobs like Dept of Corrections or DFCS do not require a license and offer supervision free so those places might be a good place to start depending on your state.

    Hope this helps!



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