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Andrea Holyfield
Jun 26, 2012

Strippers are a Special Group of Transitioners

I have a new program to announce. I’m really excited about it. For more than a year now I’ve been working on developing a career transition program for a group of professionals that are highly ignored in the career counseling arena. After months and months of reading, research, planning and preparing I’m now ready to premier Sex Industry CEO’s; a career transition program for strippers, exotic dancers and other women who work in legal, sex-related entertainment jobs.

I created this program after doing what I encourage my clients to do all of the time. I took something that I enjoy doing (career counseling) and found an audience or population that would benefit from my skill. I’m good at what I do. I successfully help women transition all of the time. I have helped women of all ages and at all stages. Sex Industry CEO’s takes what I have successfully done for a wide variety of professionals and provides specific interventions for strippers.

Strippers are a special group of transitioners for several reasons. Here are a few:
•Strippers typically lack proper job search documents such as updated resumes, cover letters and business cards that would make them attractive for traditional opportunities
•Many dancers have become accustomed to habits and patterns that require extreme adjustment when transitioning. Examples of this are work schedule, sleep schedule, work attire, and interactions with customers.
•Coping mechanisms that are often encouraged to keep ladies on the poll are often highly discouraged in other jobs (drinking, marijuana smoking, pill popping and disassociating).
•Women working in sex-related entertainment jobs often enjoy a certain freedom in work schedule that the majority of us have not experienced. A woman with small children may not have experience with child care centers, negotiating work days or requesting vacation time for school activities.
•Sometimes the “thing” about a woman that allowed her to do well as a stripper will also be the “thing” that makes it difficult for her to work for others. Many women involved in sex industry type positions are risk-takers, lack appreciation for authority and have a hard time operating in spaces that they don’t control. These are perfect attributes for entrepreneurs. A huge part of the program focuses on examining possible entrepreneurial activities.

Forgive me. There’s something that I should have said sooner…I did not develop this program because I want to recruit women off of the poll. I have no religious or moral motives for helping strippers transition. I am not a missionary. I am not saving anyone. I will not accept calls from moms who want me to help convince their daughters to stop dancing or fiancés that request couples counseling to help their lady stop showing her goodies. It’s not about that for me. What Sex Industry CEO’s is about is helping women who WANT to transition.

So, ladies, tell your friends, sisters, neighbors to call me when they’re ready. If they are not sure if they’re ready have them email me at and request a free S.I.C. Transition Readiness Survey. We’ll go from there. I look forward to working with you.

Andrea Holyfield is a counselor specializing in career counseling and womens' empowerment. For more information go to

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