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Andrea Holyfield Jun 13, 2012

Why Vision Boards Work

Since 2009 I have incorporated vision boards into my therapeutic work with adults. I have found the process of creating and analyzing a vision board to be extremely beneficial in helping a client overcome obstacles to success. I know some people view vision boards as some sort of mystical, magical process, but the reason why they work is not exactly magic.

•Vision boards are empowering. Most of us lead lives that are dictated by others. We show up for our jobs at the time we are told to show up, to meet objectives defined by someone else, in the manner in which we are instructed. Even the length and time of our restroom breaks are controlled and monitored by someone outside of ourselves. The act of creating the life we want puts the client in the driver’s seat and gives them the opportunity to take control of a tiny piece of life.

•Vision boards are excellent visual reminders. The work that must be done to transition from a client’s unwanted situation to one that is more ideal is often difficult. The journey from unfulfilled to living one’s passion is filled with hurdles, bumps and obstacles. Having the ability to see into the future and see the life that you want can give a client a little boost and the encouragement that she needs to keep pushing.

•Vision boards change your thought process. When I first meet with a client I’ll ask them questions like, “What do you enjoy about the work that you’re currently doing? What would you prefer to be doing? How would things be different if you were happy with your professional life?” These questions are designed to change the client’s focus from negative to positive. By the time someone comes to see me they are typically extremely frustrated and overwhelmed. A client’s negative feelings and emotions are like heavy weights that make movement difficult. Vision boards give the client something beautiful, positive and uplifting to direct their focus towards.

If done right career counseling is personal counseling. Vision boards are creative tools that assist a client in reaching personal and professional goals and overcoming obstacles to success.

Andrea Holyfield is a counselor specializing in career counseling and womens' empowerment. For more information go to

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