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Gupreet Kaur Jan 30, 2012

Quantum Physics Applied to Counseling: a Dissertation Announcement

Quantum mechanics has changed the picture of the reality. According to quantum mechanics, the reality does not already exist out there but it is created in here. Humans are a part of nature and integrated in the observed reality. We cannot stand outside of the reality and pretend to observe it without influencing what we are observing. Mindell (2000) in his book Quantum Mind provides a beautiful illustration of how concepts in quantum physics (e.g., nonlocality, entanglement, etc.) are similar to the ones in psychology (unconsciousness, consciousness, dreams, synchronicity, etc.) and how they both complement each other. He depicted an image of spanning tree with both above and below the ground. He illustrated that above the ground is the consensus or observable reality, but below is non-consensus reality that is as weird as quantum mechanics. He provided the example of a fairy tale Alice in Wonderland to illustrate how reality exists in the rabbit’s hole (below the ground). The question is how far down the rabbit’s hole we want to go?

Quantum mechanics has been around for over a century now, but the popularity of the principles recently took off. Quantum mechanics principles are being applied to many different fields and branches of science (e.g., neuroscience, biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.). Counseling has not yet explored ways how quantum mechanics findings change what we do on daily basis. I propose we need to explore ways how quantum mechanics can be applied to counseling.

I believe quantum mechanics principles can effect what we do on daily basis as counselors. If what quantum mechanics is revealing is true then we really need to evaluate what we do and how we do it. We should have the knowledge and understanding of these principles so we know how they change and affect our work. I have written blogs about applying quantum mechanics to counseling and now I am doing my dissertation on the same topic. The title of my dissertation is Quantum Mechanics Applied to Counseling: A Q Method Study. The purpose of the study is to explore ways quantum mechanics principles can be applied to the counseling field. I am looking for certified or licensed counselors and physicists with interest in quantum mechanics, Eastern philosophy, spirituality, and/or exploring to apply cutting edge research to counseling/psychology. Please contact me at if you would be interested in this study or have more questions. Please feel free to pass this message along if you know someone who would be interested. Thank you in advance for the consideration and time.

Gurpreet Kaur is a counselor who works at an outpatient clinic and also has a private practice. She is a doctoral student with professional interests in quantum physics, spirituality, self-actualization, and mindfulness practices as they all relate to counseling.

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