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Karen Swanay Dec 14, 2011

Welcome to Entropy

I spend a lot of time thinking. I can’t help it really. Just this year I was diagnosed with Adult ADD when I was seeing a Psychologist for something else entirely. I never knew I had this but it explains a lot. This cognitive hyperactivity I call — The Committee. The committee is always in session, even when I’m trying to sleep. They argue, raise points of order, and are always adding new items to the agenda. Because my mind works this way, I’m distracted by some thoughts and hyper-focused on others. The committee has been a liability at many times in my life, but at others a blessing. Now that I am aware of this, I try to harness it to my advantage as often as I can.

Before entering graduate school I used to read and write for pleasure. Sadly I’ve lost the time and much of my will to do either but as I slide into the final stretch of my schooling I’m trying to add both back to my life. Since I spend most of my time reading about psychology, and writing about psychology, I thought perhaps I’d take a run at a blog about this part of my life. I hope it will reflect the rich tapestry of humanity. We are a composite of everything we are, what we have experienced, and the stories we believe about ourselves. I may post links, comment on things I’ve read, or write about life as a counselor-in-training.

But, as I mentioned before, the Committee is given to adding things to my agenda without notice, so I anticipate this blog to occasionally wander off the path. Welcome to the entropy of my life.

Karen Swanay is a counselor-in-training who is passionate about many topics, some of which are: international adoption, autism, and military life.

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