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Julie North
Aug 22, 2011

Star Wars Was My Church

On a sunny summer afternoon my daughter who is nine said “I want to see Star Wars.” Now the Star Wars I remember as a child included Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. I consider that to be thee Star Wars but I knew there had been a few more produced since my day.

My husband and I looked at each other and said “OK.” We have a friend who is a Star Wars geek (he knows we call him that) so we went to him and asked to borrow his Star Wars movies. He gave us not one or two movies but six Star Wars movies. I was a little behind.

We decided we would watch the movies over a few weeks and we would sit down every night at 8 pm and start. I should probably tell you my husband is a school teacher who has the summer’s off so time loses all meaning for him after June 1st. My daughter was so thrilled and I could not understand why.

We started backwards or forwards (which ever you decide) with Episode I: The Phantom Menace. We watched every one of those movies and had lots of discussion from our nine year old regarding Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and most importantly Padma Amidala a.k.a Queen Amidala. We got so involved we started to watch some of the movies in the morning before I left for work and we even skipped church a few Sunday’s. My daughter was very happy about that.

Some people might think it shameful or bad manners to choose TV over church. But you know as a family we spent A LOT of hours together just being together. My daughter planned the snacks, my husband got the drinks and I set the movie up. We found ourselves anxious to see the next night’s adventures.

Like most of you I work hard and our work is draining. But time with my family helps me recuperate and pumps me up for the next workday especially when we are sharing moments that we will always remember. These are the moments we can’t plan.

Although I enjoyed Star Wars I don’t think I will become an addict but I did find this Star Wars quote that I feel fits myself when I counsel people or maybe clients would like to say this to me “This is some rescue. You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?”

P.S. We discovered the real reason my daughter wanted to see the movie…She wanted to see Queen Amidala pregnant and giving birth because her friends had talked about it. If that logic is good enough for a nine year old I can go with it.

Julie North is an in home family counselor in a rural county in South-Central Michigan. She has a private practice and is currently being trained in TF-CBT and complex trauma therapies.

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