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Gupreet Kaur Jan 10, 2011

Quantum Physics Or Not?

“If the price of avoiding non-locality is to make an intuitive explanation impossible, one has to ask whether the cost is too great” David Bohm. How science has understood things up till now is by dissecting them to their smallest particle or sub-particle to find the base, which does not seem to exist according to the quantum physics findings. At least not the way we wanted it to be, which would be a solid particle of matter.

For a long time, psychology studied psyche, emotions, feelings, behavior, etc through the eyes of “What is wrong?” Illness model dominated the field, but then came along individuals like Maslow, who wanted to study “what is right?” Instead of looking down, Maslow looked up. He studied healthy people instead of sick. One of the distinctive characteristic of counseling field than psychology field is its emphasis on wellness. Counselors look up instead of down. Counselors see what is right instead of what is wrong. This aspect of counseling is very near to my heart.

Last year, I wrote about how quantum physics is changing everything we look at and the importance of incorporating quantum physics to the field of counseling. The lab experiment results are mind-boggling and astonishing compared to what we know from Newtonian’s view of science. There is experimental evidence of existence of “matrix,” as Max Planck described it. This matrix connects everything to everything else. Hence, we all are connected all the time. This matrix is the origin of all creation. Quantum particles can communicate with each other violating the Newtonian physics laws of time and space. Although these experiments are conducted with quantum particles, we are made of these quantum particles.

Then the question arises that if quantum particles can violate physics laws, then why are we limited to those laws. I believe that humans have the potential to do what quantum particles are capable of doing, because humans are the most important aspect of the equation of reality. Quantum physics proves that particle is both wave and particle until the observer (human consciousness) observes it and collapses into an observable particle. So, if we are the tool that converts pure energy (wave) into matter (particle) then why we still have victim and helplessness attitude towards our own life? If we are the ones who create reality then why can’t we change our own reality? Is it possible?

These new findings are for real and here to stay. I received a good response from many of you on the importance of applying these findings to the counseling field when I wrote about it last year. I would like to continue to do that and to explore my dissertation topic related to these interests. However, I feel isolated from exploring ideas with individuals who share the similar interest. I would like to take advantage of this great platform that ACA has provided me to connect with my colleagues with or without similar interests. If you have or know some who has interest in quantum physics or new age research, please leave a comment and I will contact you. I really would like to explore my ideas with someone of a similar interest. I thank you all for your great support!

Gurpreet Kaur is a counselor who works at an outpatient clinic and also has a private practice. She is a doctoral student with professional interests in quantum physics, spirituality, self-actualization, and mindfulness practices as they all relate to counseling.

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